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People often forget how hard it is to be a student. It takes hours and hours of hard work and in the end, you have no free time to do the things you love to do. Luckily, some people still remember how it is and those people create essay writing services, one of which is Essay On Time.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what they have to offer, is it legal and legit or an illegal scam.

Essay On Time seems like a strange service
  • Services
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Essay On Time seems like a good and legitimate service at times while it fails at some points like, for instance, not displaying their phone number. Its transparency can make you feel safe, though and you can make the decision whether you trust it or not.

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Services(types of papers, subjects, academic level)

When you sign up to, you’ll be able to see their shortcut for ordering where you’ll see a list of their services. There are plenty to choose from as well as many education levels that will cater to your current status. One of their main points is that you will definitely get your essay on time.

How it works(order form, payment system, currency)

Once you log in and sign up to your account on their website, you’ll be presented with a form to fill out. It will ask you some general questions about yourself and then move on to basic questions about your essay. Once that is done and you review your application, you can submit your order. order form

Prices(base, discounts, free features, additional services)

EssayOnTime is pretty transparent about their prices. One of the first things you will see is their price per page. This is good because it gives you some insight if you want to compare the prices. However, there is no information on free services, discounts, promotion codes, deals or if they give refunds.

Writers(English/non, Bachelor, Masters, Ph.D., law, tech, medical, Australian)

Essay On Time is one of the rare website that offers a lot of information on their writers. This can make you feel safe because you can precisely see who is writing your essay. Most of the writers are highly educated Australian professionals. writers

Quality(samples, citation, etc)

The website doesn’t offer any samples but it does feature reviews that their writers and their service got. EssayOnTime will show you these on their home page along with statements from their writers on the entire process and the quality.

Support(phone, chat, email; sales, billing, customer support)

There is a friendly chat bot on the website along with some information on how to reach the support. However, there is no phone number to call and no social media tags are displayed in the contact section.

Address: No
Telephone: No
Available Hours: 24/7
Live Chat: Yes


Essay On Time seems like a good and legitimate service at times while it fails at some points like, for instance, not displaying their phone number. Its transparency can make you feel safe, though and you can make the decision whether you trust it or not.

2 Responses

  1. John Citizen says:


    I had an extremely easy assignment, 1500 words.

    I have just recieved marks back and got 35%!

    Client service team is obviously just some indian based company and are hopeless to deal with.

    Save your money and avoid at all costs!!

  2. Jenny Mason says:

    AWFUL site with falsified FAKE reviews. The writers are not what they claim to be. DON’T trust the fake reviews on here. When i posted a 1 star review it ‘disappeared under the site and writers names’ maintaining perfect 5 and 4 star ratings. 3/4 assignments were rubbish. $200-300 each they PREY on hardworking students with work and other responsibilities…They were basic assignments where I gave all the references, and information I intended to use. They didn’t’ follow it, they didn’t revise it to the deadline despite me giving them 2 days notice and paying premium price for last minute request. I spend 3 hours writing a detailed checklist for the editor(s) since there was 5% i could use of what they wrote. Ended up waiting days for them to not do it…. only to WRITE 3 assignments MYSELF (AGAIN) 10 hours before deadline (all nighter)..after receiving nonsensical rubbish back. DISGUSTING SERVICE, don’t trust endorsed reviews NOTE: how to spot a FAKE REVIEW: anything with ‘!’ and simple statements like ‘thanks!’, etc. Why would someone log in to a site just to write 1 sentence about how great a service is? It is obviously fake. Regular people don’t normally write that something was excellent without endorsements because they don’t have time. And considering this company’s bad track record, ID say 90% of the reviews are fake and the writers probably haven’t written ‘500’ or ‘1000’ papers with 4 or 5 stars lol

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